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Agent Table Sas MO

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Agent Table Sas MO


After you have successfully configured the system with Mararketing Optimization/ Marketing Automation, I'm working on customizing the problem to be optimized.
Should I use the agent tables. As explained on several guides, to enable them, you must make sull'Informational Map changes, but it's never explained how to enable the courts as an agent? I did not find anything about it in the custom properties.
I have to create dedicated on Db tables?  What configuration, if necessary, they should have?


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Re: Agent Table Sas MO

Whether or not you need to use agent tables depends on whether or not your MO problem has agent constraints (i.e. you have personal agents assigned to one or more account, and those agents have a finite number of hours and each offer that's responded to will consume a specific portion of those hours).


Page 24 of the MO 6.5 Administration Guide describes the property for indicating the location of agent tables in your environment, and page 228 of the MO 6.5 User's Guide (Appendix 2, "Agent Constraints") discusses those constraints in general, including a number of links to various places elsewhere in that document that describe the functionality and how to use it. 


The two things that I actually didn't see in that documentation were:

a) the information map change that is required, which consists of simply flagging the agent key in your information map with the "UseInOptimization" custom property (with a value of "Subject_ID_<your subject>") and 

b) the creation of a communication using the "Agent" channel.

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