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What's New in the 21.04 Release of CI360
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Select a Segment Map for an On-Premises Direct Marketing Task and a Bulk Email Task
On the Targeting tab for an on-premises direct marketing task or a bulk on-premises email task, you can now select an on-premises segment map. When you select the segment map, all segments within that map are automatically included. There are two new columns to help you understand the context of a specific segment: the segment map name and the folder path.


Select a Segment

2104_segment_map_targeting tab.png

Targeting Tab


Before this feature was introduced, you could select segments only one at a time in a segment map.


This feature is helpful when the segment map contains many segments and you want to make sure that all of the segments are selected each time.


(Available in SAS 360 Engage: Direct and SAS 360 Engage: Email)


Monitor the Execution of an On-Premises Segment Map
In this release, you can monitor the execution progress of an on-premises segment map. The feature is available on the Execution page of the Orchestration tab for an on-premises segment map.


Execution Page



When the execution of a segment map begins, a progress bar displays the percent completion status for the map execution. The tasks that are shown in progress are the task sequence steps in the segment map execution. Because the task sequence steps are derived from all the segment map nodes, the steps might not exactly correspond to each node. Instead, each task sequence step indicates the current execution step in the segment map. During execution, a table is created that dynamically displays rows for each step and also displays the Name, Type, Start Date, Duration, and Status columns for each step row. Additional columns can be added to the table display. As the execution progresses, the table rows are updated. If an execution step fails, that step is flagged in the progress bar and in the table. You can use the task ID for that failed step to search the log for details. In addition, a download details option is available that creates a downloadable JSON file that contains all the execution steps and the associated data for each step. The progress information is retained until the next execution of the map or for a specific time period that is displayed on the Execution page.


This feature provides insight into the progression of the execution steps for an on-premises segment map while the map is executing. You can use the information from the execution step table to compare the duration of the individual execution steps and the overall map execution time. To reduce the time to resolve an execution failure, copy and paste the task ID of the execution step that failed into the log file.


(Available in SAS 360 Engage: Direct)


Access the Run Now Option for On-Premises Direct Marketing Tasks or On-Premises Segment Maps
The Run Now option is now available on any page from the Orchestration tab for on-premises direct marketing tasks or on-premises segment maps. In previous releases, the Run Now option was available from only the Execution page on the Orchestration tab.


If a task or segment map already has a defined execution schedule, you are notified of the schedule before you are prompted to proceed with the Run Now option.


(Available in SAS 360 Engage: Direct)


New Data Item Limit for Information Maps

You can now add up to 2,000 data items to an information map that is used for on-premises data. This limit reduces performance issues that can occur when the information map includes a large number of data items.


(Available in SAS 360 Engage: Direct)


Send an Email to SAS Technical Support from the User Interface
In this release, you can use the Contact Support link throughout the user interface to generate a new SAS Technical Support ticket. To see an example of the link, click the user button on the application bar and select About.


When you click the support link, SAS Customer Intelligence 360 creates an email that you can send to Before you send the generated email, include details such as your contact information and specifics about the issue that you are reporting.


The Contact support shortcut is accessible from the following areas in the application:


  • About menu
  • Diagnostics Console
  • Task Jobs Monitor


(Available in SAS 360 Engage: Digital, SAS 360 Engage: Direct, SAS 360 Engage: Email, SAS 360 Discover, and SAS 360 Plan)


Data-Type Awareness for Conditional Merge Tags
Email-based merge tags play an important role in personalizing email content for each of your customers. In this release, the logic for conditional merge tags can consider the data type for data items that you specify in the merge tag’s conditional test. This feature enables you to define conditional merge tags that are more precise.


By having merge tags that are data-type aware, email marketers can do these things:


  • control the formatting that is used when applying these merge tags as text in their email content
  • consider the type of data when setting logic for conditional merge tags and display conditions for block selectors


For example, you can compare numeric types to display different personalization data based on the total value of items in a customer’s online Shopping Cart: Display the 20% coupon if total Cart value > 50; otherwise, display 10% coupon


In addition to improving the merge tag processing for published email tasks, data-type awareness is also enabled for the Responsive Preview section of an email task’s Review tab. This feature ensures that you can verify the conditional logic and output in a sample preview before you run the email task.


Note: This feature is not enabled by default. Data-type awareness depends on the data types that you have defined in your customer tables, and changing the behavior might affect your current merge tags. Contact your SAS Global Customer Success Manager to discuss this option and how to enable it for your environment.


(Available in SAS 360 Engage: Email)


Responsive Previews for More iOS 14 Devices
In this release, the responsive preview feature for email tasks now includes support for additional devices on iOS 14. This feature enables you to ensure that email content is rendered correctly when it is delivered to customers.


Responsive previews are now supported for these devices:


  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone XR Dark Mode
  • iPhone SE - 2nd Generation
  • iPhone 11 Dark Mode

(Available in SAS 360 Engage: Email)


Time-Based Option for Clearing a General Agent’s Event Queue
Administrators can now define a time-based option to discard events after a general agent is brought back online. This feature is helpful when the general agent is brought down to upgrade to a new version of the agent. In this case, you might decide that streaming events older than 24 hours should be discarded when the general agent is re-activated.


To enable this option, select a general access point from the General Settings=>External Access=>Access Points page. On the new Queued Events tab, you can enable the option to clear the event queue when coming back online. You can choose to clear all queued events or events that are older than a specific time period. The default is set to 24 hours.


General Agent Event Options



(Available in SAS 360 Engage: Digital, SAS 360 Engage: Direct, SAS 360 Engage: Email, SAS 360 Discover, and SAS 360 Plan)


Attach Files to Commitments and Invoices
With this release, you can attach files to commitments and invoices within your planning items. This enhancement means that electronic files in supported formats such as .pdf, .docx, and .xlsx, or asset files that represent purchase orders, invoices, or supporting documentation, can now be directly associated with commitments and invoices.


(Available in SAS 360 Plan)


Specify Custom Properties for Commitments
You can now set your own custom properties for commitments. This feature gives you the flexibility to define attributes that are specific to your business needs.


Note: SAS 360 Plan already supports custom properties for planning items, workflows, and assets.


(Available in SAS 360 Plan)


Specify Which Users Can Access and Use a Workflows Template
In this release, administrators can restrict access to specific workflow templates so that only authorized users can use the template to initiate workflows.


To configure access, navigate to General Settings=>Workflow, select the active workflow template, and click the pen icon edit.png to configure it. On the Template Access tab, click Customize access, and then click Add Users or Groups.


Users or groups that are granted access can use the template to create workflows.


Note: This feature does not impact or restrict admin users from importing or editing workflow templates.


(Available in SAS 360 Plan)


Configure Template Settings to Specify Default User Permissions in Workflows
Administrators can now configure workflow template settings to specify default permissions for users and groups in a workflow.


To set default permissions, navigate to General Settings=>Workflow, select the workflow template, and then click edit.png to configure it. On the Default Permissions tab, click Customize permissions. Click Add Users or Groups and specify View or Edit permissions.


Users or groups with specified permissions are automatically added as default users and groups in each workflow that is created from the template. Users with sufficient access can edit a specific workflow to override the default settings.


(Available in SAS 360 Plan)


Specify Which Users Have Access to a Workflow
In this release, administrators and workflow initiators can specify users and groups that can access a workflow. Administrators and workflow initiators can customize permissions in a workflow by adding and modifying permissions for users and groups.


To set permissions, navigate to the Permissions tab in a workflow and click Customize permissions. Click Add Users or Groups and assign View or Edit permissions.


From My Workflows on the navigation bar, the signed user can see the workflows that they created and the workflows for which they have View or Edit permissions. By default, administrators can view and edit all workflow and approval instances.


(Available in SAS 360 Plan)



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