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Phased Releases for SAS Customer Intelligence 360
SAS Employee

Starting in June 2023, SAS Customer Intelligence 360 is using a phased approach to introduce new features weekly. Updates are released midweek.


Your ability to access a new feature depends on the type of release.


  • Limited Availability refers to a feature that is available to only a select group of customers. This feature might be available on one or more tenants for customers who are working directly with SAS Product Management to provide feedback
  • Release Preview refers to a feature that is available on your test tenant or tenants only. This gives you the ability to try the feature before it becomes available on your production tenant or tenants. These features are production-level features that typically will be available on all tenants the following week.
  • General Availability refers to a feature that is available on the production tenant for all customers.


The availability for a feature is listed in SAS Customer Intelligence 360 release notes. When a feature moves from one phase of the rollout strategy to another, the change is listed in the release notes.


To be notified of new and updated release notes, see the Do You Want to Be Notified When Release Notes Are Posted? community article.







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