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Welcome to the Nordic SAS community. The community is for all SAS users in the Nordic region. Here you will find tips and tricks from SAS users and information on past and upcoming SAS events.

Select either the SAS Nordic Users Group link below to start a discussion or ask for help on a specific problem, or find information on Nordic SAS events in the Nordic Events and Presentations section.

The following SAS experts manage the Nordic User Groups:

Marie Lienzén, Education Manager, Sweden, using SAS since 1988

Pietari Koskela, Principal Client Advisor, Customer Loyalty, Finland, using SAS since 2005

Georg Morsing, Senior Manager, Customer Loyalty, Denmark, using SAS since 1981 Petter Dybvig, Director, Technical Support, Norway, using SAS since 2000
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The community is open to all. Please join the community if you want to post a question or comment on a discussion. Want to get more out of the community? Read tips here on how to create a good post, how to get fast help and how to help others.

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