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What’s the deal with beacon, click, and action count URLs in SAS Intelligent Advertising for Publishers?

by Community Manager on ‎12-22-2015 03:42 PM (171 Views)

In SAS Intelligent Advertising for Publishers, actions are sent to the system using the 'count' directive.

For example:


http://{SASIA adserver URL}/{customer short name}/{content type}/count/fcid=1234/act=3/inc=1


- increments the action count for fcid 1234 [the unique creative identifier] by 1.

act=1 This ad call parameter denotes a beacon count URL.

act=2 This ad call parameter denotes a click count URL. When using this instead of the 'adclick' directive the click count is incremented but the browser is not relocated to the click URL destination.

act=3 This ad call parameter denotes a generic action count URL.

inc=X This ad call parameter increments the count by X

When act= is missing, 1 is assumed. When inc= is missing, 1 is assumed.

Other targeting tags present in the URL [site or area, for example] will be logged against when the URL is executed. Note that the current version of action tracking is not cookie-based, hence the need for the FCID value to be present in the URL for correct counting.


Check Usage Note 53313: Beacon, Click, and Action Count URLs in SAS Intelligent Advertising for Publishers for updates to this information.

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