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What is SAS Real-Time Decision Manager?

by Community Manager on ‎12-24-2015 09:26 AM (207 Views)

SAS Real-Time Decision Manager enables organizations to find superior ways to capitalize on customer interactions. By employing innovative interactive marketing tactics, organizations can realize significant gains in profitability and improvements in the overall customer experience.


SAS Real-Time Decision Manager is part of SAS Customer Intelligence suite of solutions.

The most recent release is SAS Customer Intelligence 6.4.



SAS Real-Time Decision Manager 6.4 has changes and enhancements in the following areas:

  • campaign deployment
  • configuration of run-time services
  • documents and reporting
  • treatments
  • variables and custom processes

Visit the SAS Real-Time Decision Manager product page for free online documentation, training and tips for installation, usage, and solving problems.

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