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What do I do when I get this error message: “Error in the stored process or called macro…”?

by Community Manager on ‎12-22-2015 04:51 PM (161 Views)

SAS Marketing Automation campaigns might fail to execute and return the error below:


    Error in the stored process or called macro - Vendor Code: 1012, Message:

    There was an error in the stored process or called macro. Check the log for details


This error occurs when a process node follows a communication node and the process node references a pre-defined library. When this situation occurs, the stored process server and macore logs also contain the following error:


ERROR: Libname xxxxxx is not assigned.

Post-process nodes are usually included after communications to perform specific updates after the communication completes successfully. In the example below, the process moves data from a database table into a .lst file:


    data _null_;
        set explib.testtable;
        file "c:\temp\excn122.lst";
    put _ALL_;

The libref EXPLIB is created as a pre-defined library in SAS® Management Console.

In order to ensure that the library is still in scope for the process node, add the following macros to your process node code:

%mausrexp(explib,Execute); - before the library is referenced
%mausrexp(explib,Clear); - after the library is referenced



data _null_;
  set explib.excn122;
  file "c:\testing\w32\excn122.lst";
put _ALL_;


Check back for updates to the above info by reading Usage Note 37561: SAS® Marketing Automation might return "Error in the stored process or called macr....


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