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What do I do about a CORBA.MARSHAL exception?

by Community Manager on ‎12-22-2015 05:26 PM (140 Views)

When running a SAS Marketing Automation client with IBM's WebSphere web application server, you may receive an org.omg.CORBA.MARSHAL exception similar to:


Caused by: org.omg.CORBA.MARSHAL: Unable to read value from    underlying bridge : Mismatched serialization UIDs : Source (Rep.    IDRMI:java.lang.Throwable:F8678B4F4D2EB705:D5C635273977B8CB) = D5C635273977B8CB whereas Target (Rep. ID MI:com.sas.iquery.dataretrieval.DataRetrievalException: 33C095A42B75C431:CBC9C63AD396109E) = CBC9C63AD396109E vmcid: 0x4942f000 minor code: 2202 completed: No


This type of exception is encountered when an embedded exception class is not in the client's classpath. Typically, the underlying problem is a configuration issue.  You must work through the marshaling exception to get to the root cause.  Notice the error message indicates a Source and Target class  reference.


Source (Rep. IDRMI:java.lang.Throwable:

Target (Rep. IDRMI:com.sas.iquery.dataretrieval.DataRetrievalException


When you see this type of exception, and the source and target classes are different, then you must copy the jar file in the target reference to the client.  In this example, the missing jar file is called sas.iquery.dataservices.jar which can be found on the mid-tier machine (where the Marketing Automation Core is installed) within the sas.analytics.crm.ma.core.ear file.  Copy the jar into the client folder for that application such as SAS\SASMarketingAutomation\4.1\.


You may have to repeat this procedure and copy more than one jar file until you no longer receive the mismatched serialization error which is masking the underlying problem.


Read Usage Note 13695: CORBA.MARSHAL exceptions cause mismatched serialization UIDs with SAS Marketing Au... to see operating system and release information and to check to updates to this info.


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