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Viewing SAS catalog entries and formats within SAS Enterprise Guide

by Community Manager 2 weeks ago (770 Views)


How can I view and manage SAS catalog entries, including SAS format definitions, within SAS Enterprise Guide?


The Catalog and Formats Explorer task allows you to view and manage your SAS catalogs and catalog entries.  The task works similar to the CATALOG window in Base SAS (Display Manager).


A SAS catalog is a special type of SAS file that acts as a container, like a folder, for a variety of content items called catalog entries. Conceptually, this is like a folder in a file system with a diverse collection of file types. The entries and their uses are specific to SAS, and they include things like SOURCE (program code), SCL (SAS Component Language) programs, SAS format definitions, compiled SAS macro programs, and more.


In SAS Enterprise Guide, many of these entry types aren't "viewable" -- they can be managed only in an interactive SAS session.  However, the Catalog and Formats Explorer allows you to view lists of all of the entries, and you can view the contents of certain entries such as SOURCE entries and SAS format and informat definitions.  Watch the following short video to see the task in action.



The task is available as a downloadable custom task, simple to install, for SAS Enterprise Guide v7.13 and earlier.  In later versions of SAS Enterprise Guide, the task is built in.  You'll find it on the Tools menu.





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