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Top 10 Ways to Optimize Your SAS Code - Ask The Expert

by SAS Employee JeffSimpsonSAS 4 weeks ago - edited 4 weeks ago by Community Manager (1,979 Views)

Did you miss the Ask the Expert session on Top 10 Ways to Optimize Your SAS Code ?  Not to worry, you can catch it on-demand at your leisure.


This session introduces you to ideas and comparisons on ways to Optimize Your SAS Code  and describes how you can take advantage of finding a balance of saving space and time within your sas Environment.  We will cover the following:


  • Minimizing Reads on INPUT
  • KEEP and WHERE Data Set Options
  • WHERE clause optimization
  • Avoiding Multiple Passes of the Data
  • Indexing Considerations
  • Sorting
  • Avoid Heterogeneous Joins
  • Data Set Compression
  • SAS Dataset as a Table vs. a View
  • Checkpoint/Restarting SAS Jobs

I have added the Q&A from the session below and attached you will find the slides:


 Q: In your example of IF THEN .. ELSE IF ...ELSE IF with the states. How does IF THEN ELSE compare to the SELECT (state) statement?

 A: SELECT is simply a different way to handle multiple IF THEN statements.
    Process times should be similar.  If  you are working with a production job, it is recommended that you
    do benchmarking to confirm.


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