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Top 10 SAS Support Resources June 21, 2017 Questions and Answers

by SAS Employee megak8 on ‎06-22-2017 10:45 AM (754 Views)

Q: ­From this year, we only have server-side SAS EG, no PC SAS anymore, right now, I am trying to use Excel SAS Add-In for automation, googled info for using VBA calling EG stored process, is there good source of documents for this technique?­

A: ­We suggest reviewing the SAS Integration Technologies Windows Client Developers Guide:


There are also 2 stored process classes that are listed on this web site: https://support.sas.com/edu/schedules.html?ctry=us&crs=SBASP


A book on creating custom tasks using .NET technology:



Q: If we have both SAS Studio and SAS Enterprise Guide (EG), and we are very new to SAS, should we learn SAS Studio first or Enterprise Guide?

A: This is really up to you. If you want to do point and click tasks to interact with SAS and/or you are using the SAS Add-in for Microsoft office, then Enterprise Guide offers a higher level of compatibility with the SAS Add-in for Microsoft Office. If you will develop SAS programs, then you could use either the EG program editor or the SAS Studio program editor. Discuss with your SAS Administrator and other SAS users at your organization to help you decide.


Q: I am the SAS Admin here and at this time, we have not provided access to any users yet.  We are in process of determining EG or SAS Studio for users who like to write code, not many of them. We have SAS Office Analytics (OA) and SAS Visual Analytics (VA).

A: If you are using OA and VA, then I would recommend starting with Enterprise Guide because of its compatibility with SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office, then implement SAS Studio after you have had a chance to see what’s needed by your programmers. Deploying SAS Studio first will postpone installing, configuring, and maintaining OA on desktops and laptops. With SAS Studio, you’re in control of its centralized installation, configuration and ongoing maintenance on the server.

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