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Tips to Avoid Demo Drama - Tip 11: Dress for success

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kalledemartic.pngSmall things matter when doing presentations. Being mentally prepared is crucial—and for me, that means getting dressed right.


This might sound a little odd, but it is very important for me. Maybe it is a sort of a tic I have, but it helps me to be mentally prepared before my “show” and I also feel more comfortable. I found this especially important when I was doing demos from home or remotely during lockdowns, but it is also true when I am doing a demo for a client on their premises.


Before I do an important demo, I always take a shower, even if I am working from home. I also make sure that I shave. I pick my clothes carefully. I want to be smart, but not overdressed for the client, which can sometimes be tricky. Finally, I always have my watch on my left arm.


This is crucial. I have had to return home any number of times simply to pick up my watch—but small thing matter. If you don’t get them right, it will have an impact on you. It’s good to be aware of your tics, and cater to them if you can.


Since working from home, my risk of being over-dressed has seriously decreased I must say. 😉
I don't think I have ever worn a tie in front of my laptop's camera.
But you should indeed do what you feel comfortable with (as long as you do not exaggerate).


@sbxkoenk I agree and over the last couple of years it seems that wearing a tie is going away more and more. But I still need my left arm watch, even if I'm sitting in front of my laptop doing a demo from home 😊

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