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Time to update your copy of SAS University Edition

by Community Manager ‎04-28-2015 10:21 AM - edited ‎10-05-2015 03:07 PM (2,692 Views)

Since SAS University Edition debuted a year ago, thousands of you began using it to train others for an analytics career or as part of your own training. For SAS University Edition’s first birthday, you’re getting the gift – a features-packed new release.


Update.PNGHow you update depends on whether you’ve been applying periodic updates in the past year. Steps are listed in the SAS University Edition Help Center. To keep tabs on notable changes going forward, bookmark the Release Notes page in the help center. (Yes, it’s still free.)


New to SAS University Edition?


Downloaded more than a quarter of a million times in the past year, SAS University Edition is our effort to address the global shortage of workers by developing the next generation of analytics talent. That’s why we retooled it with the learner in mind.


We added:



If you’re new to programming and those feature names mean nothing to you, trust us. They’ll ease your learning experience, and articles in this community in the days ahead will demystify them. Now’s a great time to get started.


You have two options to get it – direct download from SAS or via Amazon Web Services. Visit the SAS University Edition website, scroll to the bottom and both options appear as pictured below.


Did I mention it’s free?



by Richa
on ‎05-08-2015 10:36 AM

Is there any way to stop the update? It's been running for the whole day now.

I have restarted the machine twice, it doesnt stop the update.


by SAS Super FREQ
on ‎05-08-2015 12:05 PM

Hi, Richa. I would do the following:

1) Stop your SAS University Edition virtual machine from running.

2) Download the new version directly from SAS here:


3) Open the new virtual machine file (the new University Edition VM you downloaded in Step 2)

4) Re-create your Shared Folder.

The update link on the University Edition Information Center page is meant to be a convenience but it sounds like the process may have gone awry in your case. By just downloading the new version and opening it, you won't lose anything as long as you keep the Shared Folder which has your personal files.  Let me know if you have other questions!

by Rajewski23
on ‎05-16-2015 10:04 PM

Since the update, whenever I try to launch SAS Studio, I get an error status 404. I asked googled about it, but he doesnt know the answer. Has anyone else had this some problem/how might I resolve it?


by Community Manager
on ‎05-19-2015 10:18 AM

Hi Alex, sorry you're having trouble. Open a discussion in   (via link in the Actions box in the right nav) and provide some detail. Here is an article on the best way to structure an inquiry. Look forward to seeing more posts from you.

by New User devang_s
on ‎05-31-2015 04:06 AM

Thank you for the suggestion. I was facing the same problem as Richa, and I followed what you suggested and it works okay now. Strange though that the update didn't work for me either.

by jgundrum
on ‎06-29-2015 12:03 AM

Same with me Rajewski23, I just recently tried installing on a windows 8.1 machine and I try to launch the latest SAS Studio and receive the 404 site error. I actually tested on two different machines, one with antivirus and one without. I also tested a variety of setting changes and both the virtual box and the VMware player ( couple of versions even)...no luck on any of them.

by SAS Super FREQ
on ‎06-29-2015 07:30 AM

Hi, jgundrum. That is very strange! If you'll send a note to support@sas.com, I'd love to troubleshoot that problem with you. I've not seen it be such an issue in the variety of situations you mention. You can just copy your paragraph to an email and we can look into it.



by readerweb
on ‎07-02-2015 03:22 PM

The good news ruined my lazy days.  Now there are many features that I need to master.  This is the reason why I dont have time to chi chat :smileyhappy:

by New User Phoeberourou
on ‎07-05-2015 10:41 PM

Sorry that my SAS University edition is up-to-date, but  I get a notice recently that my license will expire on Jul 31. Could you tell me what should I do since I wanna continue to use it?

Thanks a lot,


by SAS Super FREQ
on ‎07-06-2015 08:09 AM

Hi, Phoebe. Just follow the prompt to re-accept the license -- it's that easy! SAS requires that you re-accept the Terms and Conditions of use once per year so that time is now. This is essentially the same license you've been using the past year. Let us know if you have any problems with it!


by New User ankurbh07
on ‎06-21-2016 03:38 PM

I'm facing problem while downloading the update . I have tried downloading umpteen number of times. It is not getting dowloaded. 

It doesn't go beyond 10 % . 



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