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Setting up Geographic Targets

by SAS Employee RobertPerry on ‎03-22-2016 02:43 PM (210 Views)

SAS® Intelligent Advertising for Publishers compares a visitor's IP address with geographic data that corresponds to the IP address. Geographic data enables targets to be built using the data elements shown in the table below.

Targeting Item Targeting Tag Corresponding Ad Call Tag
City City geo_city
Metro code (US, Great Britain, and France only) Metro code geo_metro_code
Country Country geo_country
Region (state or province) Region geo_region
IP address IP Address geo_ip
Postal code (ZIP code) ZIP code text geo_zip_code_text
Connection speed Conn speed geo_conn_speed
Radial Distance in Miles Geo Distance Miles latitude, longitude Radial Distance in Kilometers Geo Distance Kilometers latitude, longitude


Geographic data is provided by Digital Element, a third-party data provider. The geographic data lookup is performed at the initiation of a visitor's ad-serving session. SAS Intelligent Advertising for Publishers updates the geotargeting data that it receives from Digital Element on a weekly basis. See the Digital Element website for information about Digital Element's technology and accuracy.


Build the Geotarget

To build a geotarget, follow these steps:

    1. Click the Targeting tab on the main page and then click the Targets tab.
    2. Update an existing target or add a new one.

image label


3.  Find cities, countries, regions, metro codes, and ZIP codes by using the search in the Targets tab.

image label

Tip: Enter a percent sign (%) to see a list of all possible entries.

image label

4.  To specify coordinates for longitude and latitude, select the Geo Distance target. Enter the coordinates directly, or click the icon beside the right value and use the selector to outline the desired area.

image label

The numeric codes for country, metro, and region codes are not translated into text values. To access the codes and their corresponding values, see the following topics:

    • SAS Note 53309 provides a link to a downloadable CSV file that maps country code values to the codes used in the Target tab.
    • SAS Note 53339 provides a link to a downloadable CSV file that maps metro code values to the codes used in the Target tab. UK metro codes are based on ITV regions. (ITV is a commercial public service television network in Great Britain.)
    • SAS Note 53305 provides a link to a downloadable CSV file that maps region code values to the codes used in the Target tab.

Note: ZIP codes can be targeted, but counts are not logged against them by default. Logging can be turned on by request.

  • See SAS Note 53321 for information about geotargeting using data that is not tied to the visitor's IP address (for example, targeting to a visitor's search request to find a hotel in another city).


  • See SAS Note 53362 for information about targeting by connection speed.
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