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Scoring with Analytic Stores

by SAS Employee MerveTekbudak on ‎05-30-2017 03:38 PM - edited on ‎06-01-2017 02:06 PM by Community Manager (1,623 Views)

This tip provides details about how to create and use an analytic store for scoring new data in SAS Enterprise Miner 14.2 and SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning 8.1.


You can use an analytic store, a transportable binary file that contains information about the state of an analytic model, for scoring certain types of complex predictive models. This analytic store can be generated on different platforms and used later by the ASTORE procedure for scoring new data. For models in SAS Enterprise Miner and SAS Factory Miner that create an analytic store, SAS Scoring Accelerator can be used to perform in-database scoring for Hadoop, Teradata, and SAP Hana.


Here's a screen shot of a flow diagram for scoring in Enterprise Miner 14.2. 


Merve_screenshot (002).png


See the attached paper for details about and examples of how to use an analytic store. 

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