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SAS University Edition license renewal: Do I update my software or install a new copy?

by SAS Employee DaniChiavegatto on ‎07-15-2015 10:02 AM - edited on ‎06-19-2017 03:07 PM by Community Manager (3,297 Views)

Some of you have started noticing license-expiration warnings when you start up the SAS University Edition: Information Center and SAS Studio. These warnings are your cue to update your copy of University Edition by July 31. Click "Download" on your welcome screen, follow the prompts to update your copy and you'll be free to use University Edition uninterrupted through July 31, 2018. HOWEVER...


Some of you have a copy of University Edition that can't be updated. In that case, you must download a new copy to continue using University Edition without interruption. Read on to determine if you're in that category.


Download a new copy of University Edition if your welcome screen looks like the one pictured below 

This welcome screen indicates that you have a version that predates December 2016. On July 31, 2017, those older versions will stop working. Get your new copy by visiting the Download SAS University Edition web page or access SAS University Edition from the AWS Marketplace.


SAS University Edition Pre-December 2016.png

Update your copy of University Edition if the welcome screen looks like the one pictured below

Even if you have a more recent copy of University Edition, as evidenced by the welcome screen below, the license-expiration warning means renewal is required to keep it working. Click Download where indicated below and follow the prompts. (No need to update your virtualization software as part of the update.)


 Warning to renew SAS University Edition.PNG



Why keep University Edition updated?

Keeping your copy of University Edition current through regular updates keeps it working without interruption. That’s because updates include an authorization code that renews your license for up to another year. If you fail to update your copy, University Edition will stop working on July 31. To resume using it, you'll need to install a new copy.


Once again: Do I renew/update my existing copy of University Edition or download a new copy?

If your copy of SAS University Edition was installed before December 2016, download a new copy now. Visit the Download SAS University Edition page or access SAS University Edition from the AWS Marketplace.


Which action you take depends on when you installed University Edition. Details are in this article, How do I update to the latest release of SAS University Edition?


Questions? Comment below!




by Learner KAZawaly
on ‎07-16-2016 09:23 PM

I am trying to update my SAS University Edition but the download keeps failing. Please see photo attached below. I am connected to the internet which is why I find the message in the photo very odd.

Can anyone offer any suggestions or help? 

Thank you! :smileyhappy:


SAS Update Failed.png


by Occasional Contributor HannahEmma
on ‎09-11-2016 10:01 AM

My problem is similar.  It updates but when it's time to apply the updates, it doesn't work.  Yesterday, I took two hours just clicking and re-clicking the update button but it still doesn't work.  


by New User veesong
on ‎02-01-2017 02:35 PM

I have the same problem as Hannah.  My update downloaded by will not actually update.

by New Contributor benschke
on ‎06-20-2017 04:39 AM

I downloaded and installed a new copy. Everything worked fine but now I have a new URL and I can not access my code.I still can open the old URL with the old license. Can I move my old code to the new URL or do I have to download and upload every single file?

by Community Manager
on ‎06-20-2017 11:17 AM

Hi @benschke, by asking your question in this old comment thread, few folks monitoring the forum will see it. Would you take a moment and post it as a new topic? Just go to the Analytics U Community home page  and hit "New Message." Meanwhile, I'm hunting for someone to help with this. Thank you for using University Edition and this forum!

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