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SAS Quality Knowledge Base for Product Data - Now Available

by SAS Employee MKQueen on ‎12-15-2014 12:06 PM - edited on ‎10-05-2015 03:58 PM by Community Manager (344 Views)

The SAS Quality Knowledge Base (QKB) for Product Data (PD) 5 was released in November. This QKB was previously only available through the now retired DataFlux Accelerator for Materials Data Classification (MDC) product.  As of last month, QKB PD 5 is available as a separate product and can be used with any SAS product that uses a QKB to perform data quality processing. 


It contains Parsing, Extraction, Standardization, and Pattern Analysis definitions for generic product data and includes items such as Brand/Manufacturer and Product Attributes (Color, Materials, Dimensions,
Package/Unit of Measure, and Part Numbers).



Here is an example of the Parts Attributes Extraction definition in the English locale:



The QKB PD 5 has locale support for:


  • English – Canada
  • English – United States
  • French – Canada
  • French – France
  • German – Germany
  • Italian – Italy.



The QKB PD 5 also contains the following Global character-based Standardization definitions:


  • ASCII Non-Printable Character Removal
  • Hyphen/Dash Removal
  • Surrounding Quote Removal
  • Hyphen/Dash Space Replacement
  • Multiple Space Collapse
  • Non-Alphanumeric Removal
  • Non-Number Removal
  • Number Removal
  • Punctuation Removal
  • Punctuation Space Replacement
  • Space Removal




For more information on QKBs in general and the QKB PD 5 release specifically, please refer to the product documentation: http://support.sas.com/documentation/onlinedoc/qkb/index.html.  Contact your SAS sales rep for information about licensing the SAS Quality Knowledge Base (QKB) for Product Data (PD) 5.

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