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SAS Marketing Automation: How to do one-to-one marketing successfully using SAS Treatments

by Community Manager on ‎12-18-2015 04:26 PM (793 Views)

You’re trying to deliver personalized messages to the right person at the right time. You want to foster customer relationships that last. You want to segment your audience and hone your message in a repeatable, reliable way. But how?


In the SAS Global Forum paper by @dgsas  and Amy Glassman, titled SAS Treatments: One to One Marketing with a Customized Treatment Process, you’ll learn how to:


  • Create and report on marketing campaigns by using visual selection and common reporting structure.
  • Use the SAS Treatment Facility to assign targeted audiences with distinct messages and offers.
  • Add customizations to Treatments

There’s a case study on p. 9 in which an online retailer uses SAS Marketing Automation to calculate personalized offer conditions as part of a planned promotion. They use standard, out of the box SAS Customer Intelligence Studio (SAS CIS) functionality to produce individual treatment output.


In another case study, on p. 11, a B-to-B customer uses a completely custom process to support their operational needs. The business challenge is the same as the online retailer’s: calculating personalized offer conditions as part of a planned promotion. The B-2-B customer has an additional challenge related to offer integration with a fulfillment system, which requires a unique promotion identifier for each promotion level.


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