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SAS Intelligent Advertising for Publishers: How do I set tier prioritization methods?

by Community Manager on ‎12-22-2015 03:49 PM (147 Views)

In SAS Intelligent Advertising for Publishers, the prioritization method of the tier allows you to select criteria for the engine to calculate the priority of tier flights. The priority orders the flights in a tier so that the engine evaluates them in the desired order.

To view the available prioritization methods, click:


  • The Traffic tab
  • The tiers tab, then the desired tier
  • On the Prioritization Method dropdown menu

In Usage Note 53613: Tier Prioritization Methods, you’ll learn about schedule-based tiers (the most common), click rate prioritization, action rate, CPM rate (cost per thousand), eCPM (effective cost per thousand), weighted, cost per second, share of voice, broad share of voice and broad weighted.

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