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SAS Industry Stories for Teaching

by SAS Employee jennifers_sas on ‎03-06-2014 02:56 PM - edited on ‎01-06-2016 01:48 PM by Community Manager (522 Views)

Orlando Magic

Scoring hire revenue with analytics

Orlando Magic customizes fan experience, sells more tickets



Dispensing data - automatically         

AstraZeneca assures product quality, maximizes production efficiency



Q&A: Glenn Snyder on value of client-to-product view

Visa improves strategy with SAS® Activity-Based Management


Florida Department of Corrections

ID potential trouble spots    

Florida DOC turns to SAS® to help ensure citizen safety


Agricultural analysis leads to vital economic decisions    

USDA's NASS collects, summarizes hundreds of data series about the nation's crops, livestock

Bank of America

Bank of America avoids gridlock in credit risk scoring, forecasting


Making debt collection less painful    

Data visualization helps DirectPay improve client relationships, better manage risk and repayment potential


Making customer connections bloom    

1-800-FLOWERS.COM reduced customer complaints by 40% during critical Mother's Day season

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