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by Contributor JuliaM on ‎04-08-2014 09:19 PM - edited on ‎10-05-2015 03:01 PM by Community Manager (575 Views)

Rafał Wojdan's paper: Text Mining Reveals the Secret of Success: Identification of Sales Determinants Hidden in Customers' Opinions




Nowadays, in the Big Data era, Business Intelligence Departments collect, store, process, calculate, and monitor massive amounts of data. Nevertheless, sometimes hundreds of metrics built on the structured data are inefficient to explain why the offered deal sold better or worse than expected. The answer might be found in text data that every company owns and yet is not aware of its possible usage or neglects its value. This project shows text mining methods, implemented in SAS® Text Miner 12.1, that enable the determination of a deal's success or failure factors based on in-house or Internet-scattered customers' views and opinions. The study is conducted on data gathered from Groupon Sp. z o.o. (Polish business unit) - e-commerce company, as it is assumed that the market is by and large a customer-driven environment.

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