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SAS Enterprise Miner shortcut: How to find logs

by Community Manager ‎07-17-2017 11:14 AM - edited ‎07-17-2017 11:17 AM (1,074 Views)

SAS Enterprise Miner users: I'll be posting a series of tips over the next couple of weeks - dubbed "SAS Enterprise Miner Shortcuts" - that will save you time doing necessary tasks like managing projects, getting process flows just right and knowing which nodes to use when.


Thank you to Bret Smith, SAS Principal Technical Consultant, for contributing this first tip in the series on how to find logs.


Not sure where to find your SAS Enterprise Miner Workspace Server logs? Before we get into the process, here’s some quick technical background: 


SAS Enterprise Miner “EM” runs on Compute servers – whether it be in a Grid or not – in a Workspace Server.  (EM doesn’t use Stored Process or Pooled Workspace Servers). The Workspace Server communicates back to the EM Java client user interface on Windows the status of their running. So for example, say Linux Grid Nodes tell the EM client running on Windows that is it currently running a Neural Network. The backend mechanism by which SAS “knows” it is, for example, running a Neural Network, is by communicating with the Midtier server via PROC HTTP calls.   


A SAS Workspace Server daemon is actually sending HTTP calls to the Midtier even though it is a Workspace Server process. Again the Workspace Servers are using the Midtier server to help tell the EM PC user what it is doing. This is roughly described as follows:


1_How to find logs image.png


EM Workspace Server logs are found in the following location. The logs are found in the Compute Server. Be sure to remember the EM project name you set on the EM client, along with the EM directory set. All of which were set during the EM connection and project creation stage.  


The run.log is found at:


[project name]/Workspaces/EMWSx/System/run.log


For example (and note this log will be owned by the userid running the EM project).  Here the Project in EM was called “Test1”.



The EMWSx can be verified in Enterprise Miner by selecting diagram and looking at the value for the ID property. It could be EMWS, EMWS1, EMWS2, etc. depending on how many diagrams you have in your project and which one you ran.


Here are some related resources on how to enable logging:




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