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SAS Econometrics 8.2 is now available!

by SAS Employee mvgilliland on ‎01-24-2018 07:51 AM (1,218 Views)

For 40 years SAS has delivered the cutting edge of econometrics and time series analysis through SAS/ETS, which now has over 8000 licenses worldwide.


In March 2017, we expanded our footprint with the release of SAS Econometrics 8.1, taking advantage of Viya, leveraging the speed, scalability, and elasticity of the SAS in-memory environment. This initial release included five procedures:


  • CCOPULA simulates multivariate distributions for copula models.
  • CNTSELECT does regression models for integer valued dependent variables.
  • CPANEL fits linear regression models for panel data.
  • CQLIM does regression models for qualitative and limited dependent variables.
  • SEVSELECT fits distributions to the size or severity of losses or other events.


Now, SAS Econometrics 8.2 adds enhancements to the original procedures, along with four new procedures:


  • CCDM estimates a compound distribution model.
  • CSPATIALREG estimates linear spatial econometric models for cross-sectional data whose observations are spatially referenced.
  • HMM estimates hidden Markov models (HMMs) where the observables are independently distributed, conditional on the hidden states that follow a Markov chain.
  • TSMODEL provides a new environment for time series modeling and cloud computing.


Also, SAS Econometrics now lets you utilize SAS/ETS procedures through SAS Studio.


SAS Econometrics equips our customers to address difficult, real-life questions by providing techniques to model complex business and economic scenarios and analyze the dynamic impact that specific events might have over time. It can help you understand the impact that factors such as economic and market conditions, customer demographics, pricing decisions and marketing activity have on your business, providing a scientific basis for better decision making.


SAS Econometrics is designed for all analytic audiences, including economists, financial markets analysts, data scientists, forecasters, and business analysts – anyone who deals with business, economic or time series data.


For more information, see the SAS Econometrics product page and documentation.

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