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SAS Customer Intelligence failed after hot fix 913WEBINFRAKITxx. Now what?

by Community Manager on ‎12-22-2015 05:23 PM (125 Views)

After you apply the SAS Web Infrastructure hot fix, 913WEBINFRAKITxx, SAS Customer Intelligence will fail with the following error when you log in:


Unable to run Marketing Automation stored process. Make sure the SAS Stored Process server is running and configured properly.


This is because the SAS Web Infrastructure hot fix overwrites ...Lev1/web/Deployments/RemoteServices/WEB-INF/conf/sas_metadata_source_server.properties and sas_metadata_source_server.properties.orig, removing the line:


deployment_group_2=BIP Stored Process Service


To resolve the problem, add this line back into the two files and restart SAS Remote Services.


The hot fix also overwrites the logging_config_svc.xml file in ...Lev1/web/Deployments/RemoteServices so check this as well after installing the hot fix and ensure that your logging settings are correctly configured. 


Read Usage Note 32066: SAS® Customer Intelligence fails when you try to log in after applying hot fix 913... for updates to the info above and to see operating system and release information.


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