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SAS Certification sets up University Edition users for success

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A year ago, Love Bisht and Hardi Gokani were working toward their master’s degrees in information systems at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business when SAS piqued their interest.


Today, they’re newly minted graduates with a powerful extra credential – SAS Certification.


Love and Hardi, both India natives, encountered SAS University Edition in summer school through an analytics course. They saw getting SAS certified as a way to capitalize on their academic strengths and position themselves for great careers.


Love’s background includes a two-year fellowship at Teach for India that enabled him to teach full time and two years as a software engineer with Adobe Systems. In August, he will join PWC. Hardi is a business technology analyst at Deloitte.


Below, in their own words, they reveal some of their journey.



Describe your academic strengths. Do you have an aptitude for math and computers?


Love: I am really good with data mining and data analytics techniques. I have always liked maths and computers. Maths was my favorite subject since childhood.


Hardi: I enjoy math and computers. I am good at business intelligence tools and data analysis.Love_Hardi_cropped.jpg



Describe your experience using SAS for the first time.


Love: We started learning SAS last year in summer. We were doing data analysis using SAS and it was a very good experience. I had done some programming before so it didn't take a much time to get accustomed to SAS.


Hardi: It was really easy and fun to use SAS as I found it very simple [compared] to some other programming languages that I had learned. I solved a lot of statistical problems using SAS. I also found it easy learning SAS because the online resources for all the functionality in SAS was very handy and easily available.



Why did you decide to become SAS certified?


Love: As I was really fascinated with potential of data analytics, I realized that it is very important to be well versed with a programming language such as SAS, which is so powerful and widely used.


The university provided us with the opportunity to appear for the SAS certification exam upon completion of the course. I decided to because I enjoyed SAS and had already finished learning the basics needed for the SAS Base Certification.


The certification experience was really great. I used to sit in the lab for hours to practice the questions. I discussed the questions with my friends who were preparing for the certification as well. I found out immediately after the exam that I passed it. I felt exhilarated to see that my hard work had paid.


Hardi: It was fun studying for the SAS certification. It did not feel very challenging as we studied SAS programming over a few weeks before the certification. I wrote a mock exam before the final certification. I got the scores immediately after passing the exam. I was really happy to see that I scored above 80%. It felt good that all I had learned was tested on the exam.



What do you hope to accomplish with your certification?


Love: The SAS certification has helped me with my recruiting as it is valued by many employers, especially in the field of data analytics. I am sure it will help me in my professional life. I might try for certification at the next level.


Hardi: I believe it is good to have knowledge about technologies. As a consultant, I will find it to be very handy in analytics related projects.



What is your dream job?


Love: My dream job is to be a data scientist and help my clients get powerful insights from the data.


Hardi: My dream job would be to start up a school for little kids and live in a small town just like Bloomington.



What do you do for fun?


Love: I like to solve puzzles, watch thriller movies and play badminton in my free time.


Hardi: I like to work out, watch movies and read Dan Brown books.


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