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Resources for Teaching Biostatistics with SAS Studio

by Occasional Contributor DrAnnmaria on ‎04-24-2015 07:53 PM - edited on ‎12-04-2015 08:11 AM by Community Manager (977 Views)

My office often looks like a paper volcano exploded in it. Since I teach classes maybe twice a year, and a year could roll around between one session of biostatistics and another, things have a way of getting lost.


For organization,  I use Livebinders. You can collate web pages, include links to videos or write your own content.


The link to my livebinder for a graduate course I teach in biostatistics is found here


Biostatistics - LiveBinder


Feel free to copy or use anything you find helpful.


The SAS tab in this livebinder gives a list of youtube videos I created for using SAS Studio (back when it was still named SAS Web Editor).


If you are not in the mood to link to the live binder, here is an example of a video that shows how to use PROC STDRATE in SAS to get cumulative incidence and population attributable risk using method = indirect (af).




If you teach a course multiple times, there is DEFINITELY an advantage of creating videos. Your students can take the free Programming 1 and Statistics courses but

  1. They won't.
  2. Even if they did, I doubt the courses cover statistics specific to to biostatistics like population attributable risk.


Although I do refer my students to the SAS free e-learning courses and I have had some contact me AFTER my course is over about accessing those, to be honest, students are NOT going to be taken a second course while they are taking biostatistics. For nearly everyone, the biostatistics course itself, on top of a full time job, is all they can manage.


I don't update my videos after every course session, although I do think I should probably do it every couple of years, and will probably do within the next month.


There are three advantages to creating your own videos on how to do statistical analysis using SAS

  1. It extends the class time. At our university, professors typically teach eight, two-hour on-line lectures for a course. The rest, students are expected to do off-line either individually or in groups. Maybe I'm just inefficient but I never find 16 hours sufficient to teach everything I feel students need to know. By having an extra hour or two of video I recorded, I can sneak in that additional time. Students are not required to watch the videos, but many of them do. According to youtube, the video above has been watched 509 times and I don't have nearly that many students. (Of course, students in other courses may be watching it also.)
  2. Students can watch multiple times if they are unclear how to do something.
  3. Students can stop, re-wind and slow down when they are unsure.


, Students for whom English is a second language have particularly expressed appreciation for having the videos.


The combination of livebinders and youtube videos has been so successful that I have also used it for my courses in Epidemiology and Multivariate Methods.


You can include the link to your livebinder in your Blackboard, eCollege or other Learning Management System.


Why use youtube and livebinders instead of the LMS itself? Three reasons. First, as happened at my university recently, there may be a change in LMS and your webliography you created may or may not be ported to the new one. Second, many adjunct faculty teach at more than one institution. This method allows your material to be available at multiple institutions by just adding one link. Third, you may change jobs - hey, anything can happen.

by Community Manager
on ‎04-27-2015 01:30 PM

I enjoy reading your articles, . Always clear and visual. Thank you for contributing this one!

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