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New addition to SAS/ACCESS software family - SAS/ACCESS to Amazon Redshift

by SAS Employee Tatyana on ‎05-20-2016 11:27 AM (1,300 Views)

In April 2016, the SAS/ACCESS family of products grew by a new member: SAS/ACCESS Interface to Amazon Redshift.

While you could (and still can) use SAS/ACCESS to ODBC to access Amazon Redshift data from your SAS jobs and applications, the new engine brings a series of enhancements over that route.   


  • It simplifies installation and configuration. 

         - We worked with Progress Software so that you could have an easier access to their DataDirect ODBC driver to be used with SAS/ACCESS software. SAS/ACCESS to Amazon Redshift includes the driver which gets deployed as a part of SAS/ACCESS engine installation. 
  • It simplifies connection with and without a DSN configuration.

  • It provides National Language Support.

  • It enables performance boosting techniques: 

          -  Enhanced implicit pass-through (implicit conversion of SAS queries into Amazon Redshift SQL). Implicit pass-through is           turned on by default (DBIDIRECTEXEC option) to minimize the amount of data transferred to SAS.

         -  More SAS functions will push down to the database.

         -  Explicit pass-through support (you can create and execute Amazon Redshift code from SAS).

         -  Better data insert performance.


Note that SAS/ACCESS Interface to Amazon Redshift requires the 3rd Maintenance release of SAS 9.4.


"This sounds good; where do I learn more?",  you wonder. There is a recently published whitepaper that provides much more granular info and code examples: It’s raining data! Harnessing the Cloud with Amazon Redshift and SAS/ACCESS, by Chris DeHart and Jeff Bailey.


You might also want to check out the SAS Tech Talk: Using SAS/ACCESS to Amazon Redshift, a five-minute recording that demonstrates SAS/ACCESS to Amazon Redshift in action and highlights its performance benefits.


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