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New SAS MDM and Governance Features for Data-Driven Businesses

by SAS Super FREQ ‎04-11-2017 08:55 AM - edited ‎04-11-2017 01:04 PM (1,447 Views)

If you're an existing SAS Data Management software user or are looking to add powerful data management capabilities to your software portfolio, new software is just about ready for delivery. In our April 18, 2017 release, we have made improvements to SAS MDM and our Data Governance applications to better help you handle increasingly complex regulatory compliance requirements. We have also added a slew of new cross‑component integrations to help you tackle new use cases. The following SAS Data Management software offerings will include some or all of these new features depending on the offering contents:


  • SAS Data Management Advanced
  • SAS Data Management Standard
  • SAS Data Quality Advanced
  • SAS Data Governance
  • SAS MDM Advanced
  • SAS MDM Standard

Here are some of the more interesting new features. As always for new software releases, we also take the opportunity to fix defects and incorporate hot fixes that have already been made available through our Technical Support team.


SAS Business Data Network

  • Snapshot functionality to capture point in time views of business terms
  • A new fully supported public REST API
  • Improved import capabilities with CSV support
  • New term attribute data types have been added for rich text, dates, and URLs

SAS Lineage

  • You can now use a URL link attribute to get back to a business term in SAS Business Data Network or to any other valid URL location

SAS Data Remediation

  • It is now possible to use a SAS Data Management Server hosted real-time service with default UI options to provide basic corrective capabilities from within the SAS Data Remediation web application
  • A user can now invoke an external application through SAS Data Remediation when an issue is being addressed


  • Regeneration of a best record after retiring cluster contributing members helps keep the best record accurate as data is moved around in the hub
  • For larger data volumes, reconfigured index naming and a cluster member suppression option in the web application will both let SAS MDM scale as needed to meet the requirements of larger projects

We hope you find the new functionality useful. Virtually every one of the listed features started as an enhancement request from a passionate customer looking for even more benefits from their SAS software. Keep sending those good ideas our way.



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