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Is suspending or pausing the vApp recommended in your version of SAS Data Loader?

by SAS Employee SusanJ516_sas on ‎03-24-2015 02:29 PM - edited on ‎10-05-2015 03:38 PM by Community Manager (268 Views)

UPDATE, August 2015:

SAS® Data Loader 2.3 for Hadoop was released in July 2015. The restriction described for SAS Data Loader 2.2 below about suspending or pausing the vApp no longer applies. 


There might be certain advantages to suspending your vApp for your 2.3 production software. 

First, fully configure SAS Data Loader 2.3, that is, supply your information to the SAS Information Center and Configuration screens.

Then, if you suspend or pause the vApp, it enables you to free memory on your Windows host.  This enables you to startup the vApp quickly when doing so is needed again. It could reduce resuming your vApp from minutes to seconds.



In SAS Data Loader 2.2 for Hadoop, you are cautioned not to suspend or pause the vApp for SAS Data Loader. Doing so interrupts communication between the SAS Data Loader web client and your Hadoop cluster, which is on another machine.  See this topic in the User Guide for more information: 

Usage Notes for VMware Player Pro

In the Trial Edition of SAS Data Loader for Hadoop, it is a best practice to suspend the vApp, instead of shutting it down, when you are finished using it. For the Trial vApp, the Hadoop cluster is on the same machine, and therefore no interruption in communication would occur.

When you suspend the Trial vApp, it saves all of the information about your current state, so that it does not need to reinitialize. It’s as if you were putting your laptop in “sleep” mode instead of powering it down. Therefore, it’s faster to resume using SAS Data Loader for Hadoop (Trial Edition).  

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