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How to find SAS jobs

by PROC Star on ‎01-30-2015 05:53 PM - edited on ‎10-05-2015 03:32 PM by Community Manager (373 Views)

Hopefully others will respond to this article with more helpful employment tips, but I wanted to make sure that you know about and signup with http://www.AnalystFinder.com


One tip people will give, and I agree with them, is NOT to signup with job boards because they often are only ploys to get and abuse your contact information.


However, AnalystFinder isn't anything like that. It's a site I created to help all of us find the jobs that best match our skills and employment criteria.


It's free for all candidates and your contact info will NEVER be shared with anyone without your explicit permission. The site provides a really inexpensive way for companies and recruiters to find the SAS (and other) analytical professionals who best match the criteria they’re seeking AND who are interested in the positions they are trying to fill.


And don’t just signup with AnalystFinder, tell your friends and colleagues about it. The more of us who are in the database, the more attractive the service will be for both companies and recruiters.

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