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How to extract SAS® Customer Intelligence Objects from your SAS Metadata Repository.

by SAS Super FREQ on ‎09-29-2016 03:35 PM (358 Views)

To extract Metadata for the SAS® Customer Intelligence objects, like for example the export definitions, you can use the SAS® Customer Intelligence 6.x Integration Utilities. These utilities are typically located on your Compute Tier at the following location: <SASHome>\SASMarketingAutomationIntegrationUtilities\6.x


1) In my example I would like to extract the export definition with name “FiServ - Export to SMS” stored in folder “Definitions\Export Definitions




2) As a first step you need to create a request xml file. In my example the request xml file would look like:


<?xml version="1.0"?>


<ExportDefinitionDO detail="All">

                <Folder operator="=">

                <Name operator="=">Definitions\Export Definitions</Name>


                <Name operator="=">FiServ - Export to SMS</Name>




Saved as “export_definitions_extract.xml”.


Note: Requesting an export definition with detail set to "ALL" and removing the tag

<Name operator="=">FiServ - Export to SMS</Name>

will result in one or more complete definitions being extracted.


3) The command line to extract the definition would look like:


 sasmaextract.exe sasdemo password DefaultAuth "Business Context Name" export_definitions_extract.xml out_export_definition.xml


4) The output file “out_export_definition.xml” does contain the tags for <FieldName>:


<FieldName>Individual ID</FieldName>


<FieldName>First Name</FieldName>


<FieldName>Mobile Number</FieldName>




<FieldName>Marital Status</FieldName>



Which correspond to the data items selected in your export definition:




Note: Modified field names in the “Selected:” Field section are not extracted.


If you need more information have a look at the “SAS® Customer Intelligence 6.x Integration Utilities User’s Guide” located at:  http://support.sas.com/documentation/solutions/ci/6.5/en/PDF/ciintutilug.pdf where 6.x should be modified with the version you are using.




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