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How to do click tracking that involves third-party creatives

by Community Manager on ‎12-22-2015 03:50 PM (186 Views)

When serving third-party creatives, you often need to log clicks for the first-party ad server (in this case SAS Intelligent Advertising for Publishers) as well as the third party. This requires that the first-party ad server provide a URL to the third party that not only logs a click on their end, but also redirect the visitor to the third party click URL, which then takes the visitor to the destination.


This presents a challenge as there is no accepted industry standard as to how to deal with passing the click URLs between each party. The most common approach is that the third party provides a Javascript variable or a key/value pair in the URL where the first party click URL should be placed.


Read Usage Note 53277: Click tracking with 3rd party creatives to see an example of how this works. You’ll also learn how to implement the click tracking token and test to ensure it works.

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