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How do I get up to speed on SAS Customer Intelligence 6?

by Community Manager ‎12-02-2015 04:44 PM - edited ‎04-19-2016 08:28 PM (954 Views)

Use SAS Customer Intelligence 6? SAS trainer Brian Rowland made a series of videos about it that you may find helpful. Each YouTube video (described below) is about 10 to 11 minutes:


  • In SAS Customer Intelligence 6 – The Interface, you’ll learn how to use these six components: workspace with categories, page manager, comments and attachments, multiple windows, interface themes, and searches.
  • In What’s New in SAS Customer Intelligence 6, you’ll get an overview of treatments and learn about seeds management, scheduling an executing improvements, an improved way to create documents and the selection summary page.
  • In Control Groups in SAS Marketing Automation, Brian shows you how to use the automatic holdout feature and A/B Test node control groups, champion/challenger and challenger/challenger. He starts by reviewing settings for control groups in general.
  • In Data Administration in SAS Marketing Automation, you’ll learn how to operate the Setup Workspace and Definitions Workspace, Selection category (specifically, campaign, communication and export definitions.) The functions in these two workspaces were previously handled using SAS Management Console plug-ins.
  • In Custom Details in SAS Marketing Automation, you’ll learn the steps to using Custom Detail Pages to view and build a custom details page layout as you build campaigns.

Use SAS Marketing Automation? Here are video tutorials on: 



Check tutorials on support.sas.com for additional videos.


Want to learn about SAS Customer Intelligence a deeper level? These (mostly fee-based) courses will get you going:


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