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How do I get my data into SAS University Edition?

by Community Manager on ‎10-09-2015 04:06 PM (244 Views)


Using SAS Studio, the interface for SAS University Edition, you can access various types of data, such as existing SAS data sets, Microsoft Excel worksheets, and raw data files. How you access these files in SAS Studio depends on whether you downloaded the SAS University Edition vApp, or you are accessing an instance of SAS University Edition by using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace


This FAQ on data access, with links to related video instructions, will help you.

by Super User
on ‎10-09-2015 05:54 PM

It will be of mild interest to see how long until there is a question on this exact topic that would have been answered if the poster could find this first (or bothered to look).

by Community Manager
on ‎10-09-2015 06:19 PM
Wellll, posting articles like this and making them conspicuous can only help, right? :-) I appreciate all your replies is here!
by Super User
on ‎10-09-2015 06:43 PM

We have evidence that a fair number of new visitors may be the "ask before searching" types, or look in the wrong part of the forum  or after a few days/weeks this topic may be so far from the start page that it isn't found with a cursory look. Unless "stickies" are being implemented?

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