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How do I enable debug logging in SAS Customer Intelligence 6.1?

by Community Manager on ‎12-22-2015 05:20 PM (153 Views)

Read Usage Note 50483: Enabling debug logging in SAS® Customer Intelligence 6.1 General Availability (GA)... to find out the five steps to change logging output locations and levels.


Before you begin the steps, note the following:


  • With SAS Customer Intelligence 6.1 GA, the XML files are incorrect. You should follow the instructions in this SAS note and download the correct XML files that are included in this note.
  • With a new SAS Customer Intelligence 6.1_M1 installation, the XML files are set to DEBUGas a standard and all the missing tags are included.
  • When you upgrade from SAS Customer Intelligence 6.1 GA to 6.1_M1, the correct XML files do not overwrite the incorrect files. You need to use the files that are included in this SAS note.

In both SAS Customer Intelligence 6.1 GA and 6.1_M1, changing the logging level in the Environment Variables dialog box as described in "Chapter 16 – Troubleshooting" of the SAS Marketing Automation 6.1 and SAS Real-Time Decision Manager 6.1 Administrator’s Guide does not work correctly. It does not matter which environment variables you choose (for example, OffMedium, or High), the XML files do not change.


This is described in SAS Note 53444, "Changing the logging options in the Environment Variables dialog box in SAS®Customer Intelligence Studio does not work as expected."


By default in release 6.1_M1, the value for the logging levels in the XML files is set to DEBUG. If you want to modify the logging level, you need to edit the XML files and change value for the logging level to INFO.



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