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How do I create process flows in SAS University Edition?

by Community Manager ‎05-21-2015 03:26 PM - edited ‎10-05-2015 03:06 PM (605 Views)

You’ve become acquainted with your data, perhaps through using University Edition’s Query Builder. (A previous article covered that.)


Now you’re ready to gain deeper insights by creating a process flow. A process flow is a series of steps to move your data through University Edition, from import through analysis to output.


Not all process flows are the same. For example, if you have a bunch of CSV files, the process flow might include importing the data, validating it (making sure the data set contains what you think it does), cleaning it (fixing errors or filling in missing variables) and merging data sets. You might skip the latter step or run more queries so you have new information to explore. Other options are in the list below.


Finally, you perform your analysis and create whatever graphs and charts you need from the output.


Getting started: use the Visual Programmer Perspectiveprocessflow_simple_example.png

To begin a process flow in University Edition, you must be working the Visual Programmer perspective, designed for users who want to work with process flows in a project-based environment. It allows you to combine individual processes into one repeatable process flow that you can save, reuse, and share with other users. (Learn more about the Visual Programmer and SAS Programmer perspectives here.)


The Visual Programmer perspective opens with a new process flow window and includes four sections in the navigation pane: Folders, Tasks, Snippets, and Libraries.


Need specifics?

The SAS Studio User’s Guide tells you everything you need to know about understanding process flows:

Adding a SAS Program to a Process Flow

Adding a Query to a Process Flow

Add a Task to a Process Flow

Understanding Subflows

Linking Nodes in a Process Flow

Running a Process Flow

Save a Process Flow


What tips, tricks and shortcuts have you discovered from creating process flows in University Edition? Share in the comments.

by Frequent Learner uday_no
on ‎09-18-2017 11:47 PM

how do I run a set of a code and perform some actions and later save them as a process flow?

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