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How do I create ad requests for the SAS Intelligent Advertising for Publishers Ad Server?

by Community Manager on ‎12-22-2015 03:46 PM (150 Views)

As a special-purpose web server, the SAS Intelligent Advertiser for Publishers ad server responds to HTTP requests from any browser. It uses path information to determine which creative to serve. The method in this path contains the directive that tells the server how to return the creative, as in the following example:



In this case, the directive /hserver/ tells the application to select an ad that is appropriate for delivery to site A and is sized 728 by 90, wrap it in an HTML tag, and return it to the browser as a complete HTML page. There are multiple middle-ware server directives that you can use to develop ad calls that are appropriate for your service model.


Read Usage Note 53291: Creating Ad Requests for the SAS Intelligent Advertising for Publishers Ad Server to learn about ad tag parameters, considerations for developing an ad call and ad call methods and to check for updates to the content above.

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