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High Availability with SAS Grid Manager

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The attached documents and samples provide the detail on how to configure high availability of your critical SAS services using SAS Grid Manager. Visit the SAS Grid Manager support page for more information about this product.


High Availability Services with SAS Grid Manager
This document addresses the requirements for implementing High Availability (HA) services running in a SAS grid environment using the EGO capabilities of Platform Suite for SAS which is included with SAS Grid Manager. Configuration examples are included that provide details for configuring essential SAS services to be Highly Available in the grid.
This is a UNIX shell script that can be used to wrap a service init script. It will keep execution in the foreground until the service daemons exit.
This is a UNIX shell script for interfacing with egosh.


Installing and Configuring SAS Environment Manager in a SAS Grid Environment
This document describes the additional configuration steps needed when deploying SAS Environment Manager in a SAS Grid with a shared configuration directory. It also documents the script that automates this process. This script is available at the link below.
This is a UNIX shell script that automates the steps necessary to deploy SAS Environment Manager in a SAS Grid Environment.

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