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Hands-Off SAS Administration: Using Batch Tools to Make Your Life Easier

by Community Manager on ‎03-08-2016 09:02 AM (324 Views)

As a SAS Intelligence Platform Administrator, have your eyes ever glazed over as you performed repetitive tasks in SAS Management Console or some other administrative user interface? Perhaps you’re setting up metadata for a new department, managing a set of backups, or promoting content between dev, test, and prod environments. Did you know there is a large library of batch utilities to help you automate many of these common administration tasks?


This paper explores content reporting and management utilities, such as viewing authorizations or relationships between content, as well as administrative tasks such as analyzing, creating, or deleting metadata repositories or performing a backup of the system. The batch utilities can be incorporated into scripts so that you can run them repeatedly on either an ad hoc or scheduled basis. Give your mouse a rest and save yourself some time.

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