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Full System Requirements for SAS Data Loader for Hadoop (Trial Edition)

by SAS Employee SusanJ516_sas on ‎02-17-2015 01:36 PM - edited on ‎10-05-2015 03:49 PM by Community Manager (386 Views)

The SAS.com site also includes the Trial Edition's system requirements.


  • Operating Systems
o  Windows x64 running Windows 7 or later
o  Mac OS X running 10.8 or later


  •   Memory
o  Minimum 16 GB. To run multiple SAS virtual machines concurrently, you might need additional memory
The SAS Data Loader virtual machine requires at least 4 GB of available memory  
o  An additional  4 GB of available memory for your Hadoop virtual machine is recommended


  • Disk Space:  At least 30 GB of free hard-drive space


  • BIOS:  Must be enabled for virtualization technology
  • Processors:  A minimum of 2 CPUs (4 cores), but 4 CPUs (8 cores) or more is recommended
  • Web Browsers
o Windows x64:  Windows Internet Explorer 9 or later, Mozilla Firefox 14 or later, or Google Chrome 21 or later
o  Mac OS X: Apple Safari 7 or later


  •   Hypervisors 
o  Windows x64: VMware Player 6 or 7, or VMware Workstation 10 or 11
o  Mac OS X: VMware Fusion 6 or 7 or later


  •   Hadoop Virtual Machine

o  Cloudera QuickStart VM for CDH 5.3 

o  Hortonworks Sandbox VM for HDP 2.2

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