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Extending and Automating Capabilities in SAS Environment Manager's Service Architecture Framework

by SAS Employee Mark_sas on ‎01-04-2016 01:24 PM (999 Views)

SAS Environment Manager’s Service Architecture Framework, available since 9.4M2, extends and automates the resource monitoring, alerting and reporting capabilities available within this Web-based application for SAS administrators.  It includes additional alert and resource definitions as well as metric tweaks and out-of-the-box reports all tailored to manage a SAS environment.  The Service Architecture Framework delivered with SAS Environment Manager 2.5 (9.4M3) supports a federated data mart containing Agent-Collected Metrics (ACM) and Audit, Performance Measurement (APM) data allowing for cross-system reporting over extended periods of time.  For more information, check out the associated Focus Area page and the Service Architecture section of the Environment Manager User’s Guide.

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