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Do's and Don'ts for posting on the SAS Certification Community

by SAS Moderator on ‎03-28-2016 04:57 PM (650 Views)

We want everyone to feel comfortable posting on the community site. Here are a few ground rules to follow when posting content. 



  • Post helpful information and tips for studying for SAS certifications.
  • Ask clarifying questions about topics covered in SAS certifications.
  • Post useful SAS documentation and knowledge base articles on topics covered in SAS certifications.
  • Share your knowledge with others when they post questions.


  • Post or provide links to unauthorized exam content or materials that could be used to gain pre-knowledge of, or answer, exam questions (this includes posting brain-dump material or any unauthorized publication, copy or representation of exam questions with or without answers).
  • PLEASE NOTE: Engaging in any of these activities violates SAS Global Certification’s exam policies.  
by Contributor SamuelRajKandru
on ‎06-26-2016 01:48 PM


Is this community only for people who are already certified? Or for anyone pursuing certification?

by SAS Moderator
on ‎06-26-2016 01:57 PM

This community is for anyone who is either already certified or interested in pursuing a SAS certification. We welcome anyone who wants to learn more about becoming SAS certified!

Thank you for asking!

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