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Displaying confidence with SAS Visual Analytics custom graph builder

by SAS Employee ScottS_SAS on ‎12-22-2015 10:09 AM (319 Views)

As part of the custom graph series showing various examples using the SAS Visual Analytics graph builder, I’d like to show you how to display confidence limits through the application. By taking advantage of the drag and drop interface, you can easily stack different graph elements on top of each other to produce the desired result. In this case, I wanted to plot a linear regression, and then display confidence limits for the mean as well as for the population. To do this, I added the following graph elements to the canvas:


Scatter Plot 1: to display the actual data points

Series Plot 1: to display the linear regression line

Band Plot 1: to display the confidence limits for the mean

Band Plot 2: to display the confidence limits for the population


I created a shared role called ‘Height’ and used it as the x axis role for all four graph elements and also customized the discrete legend by removing the scatter plot.  I made other style changes in Visual Analytics Designer until I was happy with the appearance.

I have included the actual template I used (ConfidenceLimits.spk) as well as a screenshot of the template within Graph Builder (ConfidenceLimitsTemplateScreenshot.png) in addition to my dataset (ConfidenceLimits.sas7bdat).

Please note that your data has to be in the correct form to plot such items as the regression fit and confidence limits.

Try creating a custom graph template on your own or try loading my custom graph template on your VA server (see these instructions for how to do that) and see how easy it is to create this complex graph.

Attached is my final result (ConfidenceLimitsFinalResult.png).  I look forward to seeing what you can come up with. Community member avvy shared a similar graph to show the forecast value in the dashboard. Here's the screenshot:






Are there any examples you'd like to add?


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