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Deeper Dive into SAS Enterprise Guide Reporting- May 11, 2017 Q&A

by SAS Employee megak8 on ‎05-15-2017 10:44 AM (1,182 Views)

Here are the recording, plus questions and answers from the May 11, 2017 Ask the Expert - Deeper Dive into SAS Enterprise Guide Reporting. Thanks to all who participated.




Q: Can you click and drag on the categoricals?  Or do you have to use the move arrows?­

A: ­It depends on the wizard – many allow drag and drop.


Q: ­Hypothetically, if there are blank or null values, how do those get displayed for selection?­

A: Enterprise Guide displays nulls as .


Q: ­I do not have Excel or PPT as an option for results. Is that an add-on to SAS that the organization needs to pay extra for?­

A: No, Enterprise Guide version 7.1 automatically creates PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, and other output formats.


Q: ­The custom reports, can they be saved as PDF and Excel?­

A: Yes, Enterprise Guide version 7.1 automatically creates PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, and other output formats.


Q: ­I work with very large datasets.  Do you have any tips for using Data Exploration with larger datasets?­

A: Choosing which variable you want to explore is critical.


Q: ­Is there a way to easily create a report between two datasets?­

A; Yes, you’ll want to combine their data together first either via the query builder, append data, DATA step, SQL, or other techniques.


Q: ­Also, is there a way to copy over reports with new datasets?­

A: You can copy tasks and alter the input data’s specifications, use macros – there are several options.


Q: ­Can we schedule multiple projects to run each month?­

A: Yes.


Q: Is there a limit of number of projects that you can schedule to run each month?  Can we change the schedule time after we schedule those projects?

A: There are no scheduling limits imposed by SAS Enterprise Guide. You can alter any of their execution conditions any time.


Q: ­Can we compare two sets of code (saved separately) in order to see where there are differences in coding? ­

A: Version control technologies or other editors are well suited to this operation.


Q: ­Can you remove all prompts from a project all at once (instead of going one by one to each prompt and delete one at a time)?­

A: Yes, use shift-delete or ctrl-delete keys to delete multiple prompts at once.


Q: ­Hi I try to send output to Excel but encounter this issue: Error message: Unable to send HTML-List data (3)" to Excel. A compatible version of the SAS Add In for MS Office is either not installed or not enable for Excel. How to resolve it?­

A: Please contact SAS technical support support@sas.com


Q: In our case, we create many health reports that are adjusted with population count and rate per population count.

  1. a) How do we calculate rate using population count and create report?
  2. b) How do we create age-adjusted-rate and create report?
  3. c) How do we create county level census tract map with rate on the legend using SAS Map or census trigger shape?
  4. d) How do we input census demographic and SES tables into SAS?

A: Many of the techniques illustrated during this webinar show the key steps to creating these kinds of reports.


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