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Configuration Settings are Needed for Certain Web Studio Server Updates

by SAS Employee Stuart_sas_pubs on ‎06-24-2015 10:52 AM - edited on ‎10-05-2015 03:09 PM by Community Manager (230 Views)

I write the documentation for DataFlux Web Studio and DataFlux Data Management Studio, and I've learned of a problem that occurs when you update the two products from one version to the next. Here are the details:


When you update  Web Studio 2.4.1 to Web Studio 2.5 at the same time that you update Data Management Studio 2.5 to Data Management Studio 2.6, you must add two options to the Web Studio Server app.cfg file. If you do not add these options, Web Studio Server will not start after the upgrades. The following options are required:






That's all you need to do! You can find more information about configuring DataFlux Web Studio in the DataFlux Web Studio 2.5 Installation and Configuration Guide:


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