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Can I use dynamic tokens in SAS Intelligent Advertising for Publishers?

by Community Manager on ‎12-22-2015 03:43 PM (154 Views)

Yes, SAS Intelligent Advertising for Publishers supports dynamic tokens for string replacement in creative code content. For example, an ad call can pass in a key=value pair such as "/toys=nerfgun":


The creative content can then use the token %%TOYS%% to get the associated value "nerfgun":

<a href="%%CLICKURL%%?%%TOYS%%"><img src="%%MEDIA%%" width=728 height=90>

- where %%TOYS%% is replaced with "nerfgun" in the querystring of the click URL. 


  • "toys" does not have to be a targeting tag in the SAS Intelligent Advertising for Publishers system for this feature to work.
  • The dynamic token must have %% in front of and after the string.
  • The dynamic token must be uppercased in the creative code ["%%TOYS%%"].

Appending ":URLENCODED" [for example, "%%DATETIME:URLENCODED%%"] will URL-encode the token value. Similarly, appending ":URLDECODED" will decode a URL-encoded string.

Read Usage Note 53300: Using dynamic tokens in SAS Intelligent Advertising for Publishers to check for updates to this information.


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