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Ask the Expert - SAS Enterprise Guide: Hidden Gems (Webinar recording and Q&A now posted)

by SAS Employee ShannonMoore on ‎07-03-2017 05:48 PM (868 Views)



Did you miss the Ask the Expert session on SAS Enterprise Guide: Hidden Gems? Not to worry, you can catch it on demand at your leisure. I’ve attached the slides as well.


Watch the webinar


Q&A for SAS Enterprise Guide: Hidden Gems


Q: ­Does the equal to option have to be in numeric?­

A:  It can also be alpha-numeric­.


Q: ­What is the reason of using query builder instead of using the query code?­

A: ­The Query Builder allows you build the SQL query code using a point-and-click wizard­.


Q: ­I must've disabled the Log Summary. Is there a way to get it back?­

A: ­Yes, you can get it back from the View tab from the tool bar­. ­You will see the Log Summary towards the bottom of the list or near the middle of the context sensitive tool bar on the log tab in Enterprise Guide­.


Q: ­I clicked on Log Summary in the View tab and nothing happens.

A: ­It may be minimized at the very bottom, you may have to look for it and stretch it using the mouse, and depending on your version of EG, you may be able to select the summary once you run another program in EG­.


Q: ­How do you display the actual values on the x-axis for the Bar Chart?­

A: ­There should be a check box option in the Bar Chart task as you step through the different options.  You should see the check box option to turn on/off x and y data labels and/or values.


Q: ­If I am using the Summary Tables Wizard and I've selected a specific variable to utilize as a Column for Step 3. In creating my table, how can I select the order the values appear as columns in the table instead of the default alphabetical order?

A: The values selected will appear in the order you select them.  If you want to change the order you can use the up and down arrows to change the order.


Q: ­A basic question - how to easily change data type between character and numeric in an EG program­?

A: You can use data step code or various functions in code or in the Query Builder node.  Please see this SAS Note: http://support.sas.com/kb/35/315.html.


Q: ­In logistic regression - how can I change the code to display the original data as points (rather than the default of hollow circles) and to 'jitter' them?­

A: You can’t really change these options in the built-in task.  You can, however, edit the code generated by the task.  You could also use the procedure to create an output dataset and use SGPLOT to graph the data.­  Please see: http://go.documentation.sas.com/?docsetId=statug&docsetTarget=statug_logistic_toc.htm&docsetVersion=... .


Q: ­How to transform data in CSV to SAS format using Enterprise Guide?­

A: ­There is a wizard from the tool bar under file select Import Data and step through the wizard and it will convert the CSV file into a SAS data set.


Q: ­Can we create dimensional models using SAS Enterprise Guide?­

A: You can but it would be via SAS code as there is no Task that is part of the interface.

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