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April 26, 2017 Enterprise Guide Ask the Expert - Recording, Slides, Questions and Answers

by SAS Employee megak8 on ‎04-28-2017 04:33 PM (1,229 Views)

Thanks to everyone who participated in the April 26, 2017 Ask the Expert Webinar 'Filtering Every Which Way in SAS Enterprise Guide.' Here are the questions that were submitted during that meeting, along with their answers, plus the slides and recording link.



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­I often have issues with case sensitivities when joining data.  What is the most efficient way to overcome this.­

Case should only be an issue if you are comparing text values.  You could choose to use the UPCASE or LOWCASE functions to help make consistent comparisons to text.


Can you give me a method to eliminate duplicate records? I have tried dupkey and it was taking out records that should have been kept.  ­

­There is a DISTINCT keyword that is available with SQL. ­In the Query Builder, click the Select Data tab, and select the Select distinct rows only check box.


Do you know if, when outputting to PowerPoint, can you then edit the slide from within PowerPoint?­

Yes, you can edit just as you would other content in PowerPoint.­


What are the new variables that were created in the split column example?­ What is the best way to drop those?­

­The new variable names were derived from the values of the column that is being split.­ That is now part of your new data, so I wonder why you would want to drop them?


If you show the output again, you'll see that the far right 3 columns are all blank with obscure names­. ­I would not want them as part of the new dataset­.

Those are values such as confidence level values L95, U95 that are included in forecasts.


Can you show one more time how to get to advanced expression?­

From the Query Builder, select computed columns, New -> Advanced expression­.


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