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An Error in the SAS Macro Language: Reference

by SAS Employee Sue_SAS on ‎12-01-2015 10:40 AM (237 Views)

An error was reported in the “INTO Clause” dictionary entry in the SAS Macro Language: Reference.

In the following example, the log output should have quotation marks:


Example 3: Storing Values of All Rows in One Macro Variable


This example stores all values of the column (variable) STYLE in the macro variable TYPES and separates the values with a comma and a blank.


proc sql;

   select distinct quote(style)

      into :types separated by ', '

      from sasuser.houses;

%put Types of houses=&types.;


When this program executes, this line is written to the SAS log:




The log output should have quotation marks:


Types of houses="CONDO   ", "RANCH   ", "SPLIT   ", "TWOSTORY"


The documentation will be corrected in the next SAS software release.



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