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A Practical Approach to Managing a Multi-Tenant SAS Intelligence Platform Deployment

by Community Manager ‎03-25-2016 12:11 PM - edited ‎03-25-2016 12:15 PM (689 Views)

Modernizing SAS assets within an enterprise is key to reducing costs and improving productivity. Modernization implies consolidating multiple SAS environments into a single shared enterprise SAS deployment. While the benefits of modernization are clear, the management of a single-enterprise deployment is sometimes a struggle between business units who once had autonomy and IT that is now responsible for managing this shared infrastructure. The centralized management and control of a SAS deployment is based on SAS metadata.


This paper by Jim Fenton and Robert Ladd of SAS provides a practical approach to the shared management of a centralized SAS deployment using SAS® Management Co.... It takes into consideration the day-to-day needs of the business and IT requirements including centralized security, monitoring, and management. This document defines what resources are contained in SAS metadata, what responsibilities should be centrally controlled, and the pros and cons of distributing the administration of metadata content across the enterprise.


This document is intended as a guide for SAS Administrators and assumes that you are familiar with the concepts and terminology introduced in the SAS® 9.4 Intelligence Platform Security Administration Guide.

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